Hire the Fuji X-T1Fuji XT1 and 18-135mm Lens rental in Sydney

Here at Oz Lens Rental we love hearing from our happy customers. Jason wanted to rent the Fuji XT1 and the new Fuji 18-135mm WR Lens for the weekend. Luckily it was WR because last weekend in Sydney was WET! 

We’re chuffed Jason left us this message!

Hi Ben, wanted to say thanks for the prompt service and ease of transaction. I’ve been wanting to try out the Fuji XT-1 for a while. There’s a lot of talk about it being a real SLR replacement so I really wanted to get my hands on one in the field rather than in a store. Very interesting piece of kit. It’s actually a photographer’s camera with a stack of manual controls and NO “full auto” button.  Very interesting approach Fuji have taken here. I would never have known how they had positioned it without actually taking it out to get properly acquainted with it. Love the idea of being able to properly play with things I am looking to buy before committing. And thanks for making it easy. Good luck with the business, I’ll definitely be back and I reckon you’re on to a winner. Cheers, Jason.

Thanks Jason. When you’re happy… we’re happy!


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