Lens Rental is the way to ‘Try Before you Buy’

Why lens rental is a great option before you buy any gear

I myself have been involved in photography for many years, and I know how expensive this hobby can become. Trying to keep up with the latest developments in Camera and Lens technology is not the cheapest excersize, and with a million and one conflicting reviews on just about every camera and lens on the market, it can be hard for you to make a decision as to what Lens to buy, or, whether upgrading to the latest camera is the best possible decision for you right now.

A lot will depend on your own shooting style, and this is one of the biggest challenges with just about any type of photography. The lens that I think is perfect for portraits, you may think is absolute rubbish, and vice versa.

Plus, with the introduction of the mirror-less cameras like the Fuji X-T1, the Sony A7r, the Panasonic Lumix and the likes, you’re left wondering if you should stick with your hefty DSLR or should you switch to a much smaller, lighter and cheaper camera setup.

Unfortunately, no one can give you ‘the answer’. You need to decide for yourself, you can however, make the decision a little easier by using a Lens Rental service such as Oz Lens Rental, you can then rent lenses and cameras to try out. Taking them through their paces and working out whether or not it is for you.

Canon Macro Lens RentalRecently, one of our customers rented the Canon 180mm Macro lens. It is a fine lens, and if you were into shooting small bugs or dangerous slimy slithering creatures, this lens could be for you. However, it’s a large investment for a lens that has limited purposes, although, it is also know to be great for portraits it’s unlikely this is the best money can buy for this purpose.

The feedback is clear, this is the best way to try out a lens before investing any $$.

I hired the 180mm Macro for the weekend – and I have to say, I was super impressed not only with the lens, but how easy the rental process was with Oz lens rental. Ordering online was easy, delivery straight to my door – the lens was carefully packed and well presented. 100% coming back to you guys for my next rental..Figured out its the best way to try a lens out before I invest serious $$ in buying one  Thanks Guys

By renting the lens first, you get to give it a test in your own time, your own environment, and then you can spend as much time as you like with your images to evaluate if the lens is worth you investing in it before making the plunge to buy it.

Lens Rental is also the perfect choice if you decide you like the lens, but cannot warrant the outlay to own it, but still want to be able to enjoy shooting with it from time to time.

If you’re keen on trying something new out Oz Lens Rental is more than happy to help! If we don’t seem to have what you’re after in stock, let us know, and we may just order it for you!

Even though we’re based in Sydney, we’re happy to ship Australia Wide.


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