keep-calm-and-celebrateWe’re proud to bring you a unique lens and camera equipment rental experience.

Unlike other rental companies, we do not require you to leave hefty deposits or bonds, you don’t have to personally pick up the gear either!

Once you complete our unique and simple Online ID Verification process, you can rent whatever you want, whenever you want!

Your rental gear is then shipped to your address and when you’re done, you ship it back using the pre-paid voucher!

CLICK HERE to set up your account.

Currently we have Nikon, Canon and Fuji cameras and lenses for rent, we’ll also be building an inventory of action camera like GoPro’s and accessories.

Long term, the plan is to be able to offer you, the photographer, one place to all your lens hire, camera hire and anything thing else gear related. We will be stocking audio gear like wireless lapel mics that will work well with DSLR’s for the budding youtube star, plus popular digital recorders from the likes of Zoom and Tascam.

In addition to this we’ll have travel gear available too, sometimes when you go on holidays it is not viable to buy a roller bag, travel tripod etc.

We will be stocking all this gear and more to make your life easier!

Renting Camera Gear should be FUN!

If you’re looking for a unique camera and lens rental experience we’re here to make that happen!

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